In addition to writing papers and presenting research at conferences (that is, the usual ways in which scientists communicate about research), we also share our experiences and findings with the public. One of the main ways we do this is by leading "soundwalks" at local nature preserves. During soundwalks, we focus on the act of listening and by doing so become more aware of the sound environment and all of its components. 
You can do a soundwalk on your own and we've created a podcast to get you started. To learn more about the soundwalk, developed in association with the Southwest Michigan Land Conservancy, click here. OR Just download our new soundwalk podcast and go:
Chris Bobyrk of the Clinton River Watershed Council wrote about soundscapes and his experience on his guided soundwalk. Click here to read his story.

A winter soundwalk at Chipman Preserve.

Photo courtesy of Nate Fuller.