With our interests in understanding how environmental change affects animal communication and the sound environment, much of our data comes in the form of audio recordings. We share some of these recordings here to allow anyone interested to hear what we hear and to explore the birds and the soundscapes we study.

To listen to a selection of our soundscape recordings, click the SoundCloud link (the orange icon) in the upper right hand corner of this page. This link will take you to our Birds and Soundscapes SoundCloud page. 

Check out our new Soundcloud page Sights and Sounds: Experiencing a Century of Change. More coming soon about the Sights and Sounds project, which is a STEAM project with photographer Mary Whalen, Mike Ward (University of Illinois), TJ Benson (University of Illinois), and Jeff Walk (The Nature Conservancy).

Visit Sights and Sounds to download a free podcast, Listening in the times of COVD-19. Learn about the practise of soundwalking and take along with you on your next hike!