Dr. Sharon Gill

Professor, Biological Sciences

Fellow, American Ornithological Society (AOS)

Elective Council, 2018-2021 (AOS)

Co-Chair, Diversity and Inclusion Committee (AOS)

Chair, College of Arts and Sciences, Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Research interests: animal communication, bird song, soundscape ecology, urban ecology, STEAM

Jesús Barajas

Undergraduate in Biological Sciences (WMU)

Research assistant

Eric Branch

BS, Biology

Research assistant

Parks Marion

MS student in Biological Sciences

I am excited to be in my second year as a masters Student in Dr. Gill’s lab. I am returning to school after working for several years in environmental education and sail training. My research interests include soundscapes and tools we can use to understand changes in the acoustic environment, land use change and its impact on communities, how predators drive change in soundscapes, and anthropogenic impacts on soundscapes in the context of conservation. I am also passionate about science education and the importance of science education in conservation. When I am not doing research I like to explore the natural world with my wife and daughter, sail, go birding, and garden.


Joanna Sblendorio

Ph.D. student in Biological Sciences

My research explores acoustic niche partitioning within and among bird communities. I am interested in how temperate warbler communities partition acoustic space, and whether partitioning patterns vary depending on biotic and abiotic constraints, including community composition and anthropogenic noise.


Victoria Underhill

Ph.D. student in Biological Sciences

Hi I'm Tori! I am a behavioral ecologist currently working as a Ph.D. student at Western Michigan University in Dr. Sharon Gill's lab. I received my master's from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in the Department of Biology, where I was advised by Dr. Gerlinde Höbel. My thesis research investigated the effects of natural and anthropogenic light conditions on female mating behavior in Eastern gray treefrogs (Hyla versicolor).

Caroline Wolf

BS, Biology

Research assistant

Recent lab alum

Andrea Bierema, Specialist Teacher, Michigan State University
Eliza Foli, Roaming field biologist and environmental educator
Erin Grabarczyk, USDA Post-doctoral scientist
Amy Janik, Doctoral student, Texas A&M University
Jacob Job, Post-doc at Colorado State University

Annie Lilac, MS student, Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland

Katie Mulka, Doctoral student, Veterinary Medicine, John Hopkins University

Monique Pipkin, Doctoral student, Cornell University 
Mercy Oyugi, Post-doctoral Fellow, US Food and Drug Administration

Carley Stuart, Western Michigan University